What is Field Work?

Field work is a playful exploration of subtle energetic patterns.

Step Into “The Field” and Notice What Shows Up…Is it Fun yet?

The practitioner, while observing a “stuck” or “not-useful” physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual condition can intend, observe or attend to movements of energy which can shift a client out of a “stuck place”. The intention of this work is to improve an existing state or condition while simultaneously being present to all the possibilities available in the moment that the work is done.

When should I do this energy work?

Are you tired of your situation?.
Are you ready to play with your “stuck state or condition”?
Are you curious about how your life could be different?

If the answer is yes, you are ready to come play in
“The Field” with Fieldwork.

What is “The Field”?

Other words which have been used to describe;“The Field” might include: “Knowing Field”, “Morphic Field”, “Quantum Field”, “The Matrix”.

How does “The Field”work?

Not sure really.After studying the works of Rupert Sheldrake, Lynne McTaggart, and Michael Talbot I had the opportunity to work in two modalities that also utilize “The Field”… Family Constellations (Bert Hellinger)and Matrix Energetics.Check it out for yourself.

What are the benefits of this work?

The possibilities are infinite.

Who or What can benefit from this energy work?

Individuals, couples, etc. Special interests in property issues, weight, money matters and "tricky" physical thinks in the body.